Monday, November 13, 2006

Random stuff from other blogs....

First, here we have a proposal to recreate Nupedia. Hey, might work, now that Wikipedia has critical mass, but it'll take a very long time to actually create an encyclopedia with only seven people... Still, the fundamental complaint is failure to maintain neutrality. Maybe someone should point this guy at Citizendium?

Here, we have another editor who claims he has been chased off over neutrality issues. Seems none too happy about, too, and judging by his response in the comments probably deserved what he got. Still, it's a negative outcome; someone should do a RCA and find out why he's so pissed.

Meanwhile, Joystiq writes about vandalism to the Nintendo article.... Yeah, vandalism happens. Maybe someday Wikipedia will implement that "stable version" thing they were talking about at Wikimania. That would be nice. Wasn't that promised by like end of September? Oh, and by the way, just what happened to single user signon?