Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lol scripting!

Another great example of what makes Wikipedia great: Lol scripting:
"Lol scripting" is the slang expression for programming/coding in an "easy" language. It is most commonly used by users of more "advanced" programming-languages than the one they are referring to. JAZZ and HTML coding could be called "Lol scripting", because theydon't require excessive skills. Although you might think that a c++ programmer had the rights to call PHPprogramming for "Lol scripting", this is wrong. Programming languages requiring a skill level equivalent to PHP's can NOT go under the term "Lol scripting" as they are way too advanced.

Although "Lol" in its original meaning can not be used in this context as it is an acronym for "laughing out loud" or "lots of laugh", it has evolved to a word of many classes because of its common use in everyday l33t-speak.

What amuses me more about this article is not that it was created (it's obviously juvenile silliness by some kid who thinks being a PHP coder is "l33t"), but that it's survived for two months, and has been tagged by two different bots for various action that nobody has bothered to take. Does anybody copyedit Wikipedia anymore?