Saturday, March 03, 2007

People who lie when apologizing for having lied...

Andrew Lih, in his recent blog post, exposes Ryan Jordan's worst lie of all. In his apology, Jordan, amongst other things, accused Stacy Schiff of breaching journalistic ethics by offering him compensation. I didn't notice it right away because I'm not a journalist and don't hang around with journalists. But Andrew (who is a journalist, or at least a professor of journalism) did. And he contacted Ms. Schiff, who categorically denies Jordan's allegations. This is actionable libel; by all rights Jordan's apology should be redacted to remove the libel, but he's a known liar anyway, so it's unlikely that anyone will believe it at this point.

That does it, though. At this point Jordan should be banned from all of Wikimedia, permanently. If he is going to lie in an apology for having lied, then there is no hope for him. Lying has apparently become so ingrained to him that he apparently cannot help but do it.

Sorry, Ryan. Get thee behind us all; go find help, you need it. And until you do, stay away. We've had enough of liars here.