Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Illness makes the code grow longer

I'm been stuck at home with a rather nasty cold the past few days, which has meant that about all I've been up to is sitting at the computer and typing (when I'm not asleep, that is, which I've also been doing a lot of). As a result, I've made significant progress on Myrtle. Basically all of the PHP code has been rough-translated, and the 105,000 lines of resulting code all compiles now. I'm now working on eliminating the PHP stub methods I created during the rough port. After that I'll have to take out the "array" class I had to define to cope with the fact that PHP arrays are weird. That will take somewhat longer as MediaWiki uses arrays in several different ways, and the replacement strategy varies (e.g. native language array, ArrayList, HashMap, or custom class) depending on the situation.

As always, progress is visible at svn.pyrzqxgl.org/websvn.