Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do

During the Late Great Userbox Wars, Jimmy Wales reminded us all about how it's a bad idea to use your userpage to forward a political ideology, that one's user page should be about oneself as a Wikipedian, and not for some other purpose.

Reminding us once again that the rules don't apply to him, Jimmy has subverted his user talk page from its proper purpose to use it as a political statement regarding the death of Wei Wenhua. (Jimmy has also protected his talk page so nobody can use it to leave him messages.) Now, I have no question that Wei's death is a horrific thing. But Jimmy has an obligation as the leader of the community to set an appropriate example. The message he's just sent is "it's perfectly ok for you to disable your talk page for a political protest".

I'm reasonably certain if anyone else had done this, they would have been subjected to various levels of sanction depending on how close to the center of the cabal they were. Jimmy, however, can do whatever he wants.

Hypocrisy in action.