Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday evening 2m observations

While waiting to pick up someone tonight, I poked around in 2m FM for the hell fo it. Here's the observations, all taken in gridsquare EN61BV at around 7:40 PM CDT on August 10, 2008:
  • 145.700 - Brief QSO, probably simplex, did not hear any callsigns. About S6.
  • 146.640 - Definitely a repeater, heard an automated voice ID starting W9. PL 107.2 on TX. Could not hear anyone on input. Signal variable and choppy, S3 to S5. Might be W9SRC out of Blue Island, which would be consistent with observations.
  • 146.120 - Brief QSO, did not copy any callsigns. Not long enough to check for PL.
  • 147.330 - Probable repeater, PL 107.2 on TX, could not hear anyone on input. Heard QSO between K9OZY and N9QOB. Signal around S5. I've heard K9OZY on the W9DUP 2m repeater lately and if I get a chance I'll ask him about it sometime. No listing at k5ehx for a repeater at this frequency.