Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Longer-term to do lists

So I've got a medium-term project now (mentioned in my previous post). This isn't the only thing I have in mind to do, of course. Here's a few others.

1. Set up a WSPR listener/beacon. Not sure what band(s); there's already a WSPR beacon in Chicagoland on 30m, so that doesn't add much to the mix, but there are other bands to consider. Six meters is especially tempting.

2. Both the APRS station and the WSPR beacon will require 12 volt (ok, 13.8 volt) power to run at least the rigs. This is an ideal voltage to do solar for, so setting up a PV array with battery backup so I can take these stations off the grid will be a priority. (Plus, if I put in an array of 1 kW or more, Illinois will pay 30% of the cost.)

3. Find a way to run the computer side of the APRS and WSPR stations on the PV array so I can take them off the grid too. This will require some research as most Intel-based motherboards need more than just +12V and getting the other voltages efficiently is somewhat difficult.

I'm sure more will come to me over time. And of course this doesn't include all the ongoing home improvement projects.