Saturday, April 18, 2009

World Amateur Radio Day

Today, April 18th, is World Amateur Radio Day.  Did you notice?  I didn't.  It's mentioned on the IARU calendar, and the ARRL ran a press release back in February, but the only press outside of the ham radio world (and even there it's getting far less attention that the fiber cut in San Jose) is a mention in the Times of India, and I can't even find that now.

It's amazing that there's no commemorative contest or something.  I did find mention of one special event station (A60WARD, operated by the Emirates Amateur Radio Society, UAE), but given that people will use just about any excuse for a contest, you'd think the anniversary of the IARU would be good for one.

It seems that as a collective group, hams just aren't that good at PR.

In any case, happy World Amateur Radio Day, wherever you might be.