Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strategic disruption?

Some of you are no doubt aware of Giano's latest drama tantrum; he took it upon himself to rewrite the page about the IRC admin's channel in a rather amusing way. It's such a shame that one of Wikipedia's better editors has this unfortunate tendency when he gets bored to do things like this. However, the thought that crosses my mind is that this isn't just a random Giano drama incident, but in fact is a strategic disruption intended to take pressure off Jayjg's current imbroglio (which I blogged about previously). We know that there's at least some sympathy between Slim's cronies and the G-Men.

I continue to believe that Giano should simply be banned from editing outside article space; while he is a perfectly good article author, I have yet to see him contribute anything other than drama by his edits in project space. Banning him from project space seems to be the most sensible course of action. (Not that he would observe the ban; it would have to be a software-enabled hard ban to actually work.)