Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wikimedia Board candidates: Frieda

Well, the last installment certainly generated a good deal of attention; not only are there quite a few comments, but had more visitors today than in quite a while. I can't promise that the rest of them will be quite as interesting, simply because most of the rest of the candidates are not as interesting as Erik.

Take, for example, Frieda, our next candidate. I'm not familiar with her at all. It seems that her main areas of activity are various Italian language projects. She pretty clearly is running on the Wikimedia as social club platform: note specifically her preference for "more clearly defining" the organizational chart to include the chapters and her insistence that the chapters are essential to the Foundation. It is my observation that the main function of chapters is social networking, and so I tend to conclude that people who are pushing the importance of chapters are interested in the WMF mainly as a vehicle to further their social networking. This conclusion in her case is definitely bolstered by her choice to use a rather revealing cleavage shot as her candidate's picture (see image to right). Running on sex appeal, are we? Just how far has the WMF community descended into Clay Shirky's hell?

Frieda's questions page is notable for her total lack of answers. I think her candidacy was a late arrival, which explains why there are only two or three questions on her questions page, and if she really did just declare (at the last minute, apparently) that might explain why she has so few questions. But I really don't see her as a serious candidate.

I'm not likely to get any more of these done tonight, or tomorrow either. We spent most of the day running around town in a rented truck, buying lumber and other fun stuff, including a very nice marble table that we found on craigslist. I also put the primer coat on the table I built earlier this week; tomorrow I will sand it and put on the final coat, and I will probably also rip some plywood for the pantry shelves we're making. Wikipedia just doesn't hold a candle to the fun one can have with power tools.