Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wikipedia to Jayjg: Please leave

I previously commented on Andrew Gray's call for the parties involved in this current debacle to take a break. The main feature of the discussion on the mailing list has been Jayjg's persistent attempts to pretend that this request is not directed at him. Andrew followed up in an effort to make it undeniably clear for Jay. Jay's response is to pretend that he has no past involvement. Jay's strategy here is simple: Jay's main evidence of involvement is to be found in the oversight logs, which are secret. Very few people have access to them, and the people who do are under orders not to reveal them. Very clever, Jay.

On top of that, Jay forwarded a truly odious email from ArmedBlowfish that seeks to compare SlimVirgin to a rape victim. What happened to SlimVirgin is she was sloppy and made edits she regretted, and asked her friend and buddy to make them go away. Her own carelessness led to her being outed. This isn't a raping. At best, it's comparable to having your car stolen because you left the keys in it. For Jay to endorse ArmedBlowfish's blatant troll by forwarding it to the mailing list (ArmedBlowfish is apparently moderated on wikien-l, probably for good reason) is simply odious. It is hard for me to express how angry I feel about this, especially as a rape victim myself.

Jay, I now explicitly join Andrew's call: Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!