Friday, November 14, 2008

Morse code for your phone

This one comes from a search for "ham radio morce code for windows phone".  I'm not 100% certain what the searcher was looking for here. 

The most obvious would be software for Morse code training that can run on a Windows cell phone.  There is apparently an application called "MorseMaster" for the Windows Mobile PocketPC.  I have no idea if it's any good, and this post is no endorsement.  Other than this app, I'm not aware of any Morse training app that runs on a cell phone, and is probably not that viable on the mobile web platform.  I've heard rumors of someone doing one for the iPhone but haven't actually seen any evidence that it exists.

Another possibility would be a Morse code ringtone generator; there are quite a few of these out there (the one I linked is just the first one I found).  This appears to be a somewhat popular thing to do, and is sorta cool in a steampunk sorta way.

It seems rather less likely that someone is asking for the ability to actually send or receive Morse via cellphone.  This seems like a rather useless capability to have, and I can't think of any real incentive to do it.