Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Attack polling in the Fightin' Fifth

I live in the Illinois Fifth Congressional District, which, until recently, was occupied by White House Chief of Staff-designate Rahm Emanuel.  As a result of his resignation, virtually everyone in the Fifth District is running for his seat: there are nearly a dozen Democratic candidates and a handful of Republicans (who realistically have no hope of being elected).  In the past week we have been subjected to at least three "attack polls" in which the pollster basically smears one (or more) of the candidates running (the most recent attacked Sarah Feigenholtz).  We've also received one positive push poll favoring Mike Quigley.  The pollster for the last call could not properly pronounce either "Illinois", "Blagojevich", or "ally"; admittedly "Blagojevich" is hard, but really they should train these people better.  (For the record, the polling company for this poll was Sun Surveys LLC, 305-728-0130)

The primary isn't until March 3, and the election isn't until April 7.  This is going to be really really tiresome.