Monday, July 27, 2009

You know you're a ham when you...

The other day I got a referral to my blog on the search "You know you're a ham if". This piqued my curiosity, so I asked my Twitter followers to complete the sentence "You know you're a ham when you...". I got quite a few responses; here's the best, for your satisfaction. (Some have been edited to undo IM-speak imposed by Twitter's 140 character limit.)

Obsessive operation:
  • "... stand in your driveway with two HT's watching an approching thunderstorm giving continuous updates on the radio" Dave Hoffman (via FriendFeed)
  • "... see a meteor fall and wonder who you could've worked on meteor scatter" k4hsm
  • "... participating in SkyWarn is more important than your brother's wedding." karmagurl, channeling her husband
  • "... go to bed with your wife and an HT in case someone calls you on the local repeater" AF3LMike
  • "... can predict the weather better then the weatherman by noises on the bands" N3PRO
  • "... look forward to new solar activity cycle instead of fearing it" ttanilsoo
Too much equipment:
  • "... have an aerial farm covered in tinsel at christmas" ai4ri
  • "... other people are no longer surprised when you pull an oscilloscope from the trunk of your car." N9VLS
  • "... get excited that Radio Shack starts carrying a new style connector/adapter that you don't have already" charlieray
  • "... there's not enough room in the passenger seat of the truck for you; ham equip. takes it all up!" karmagurl
Obsessive jargon:
  • "... end your work emails w/ 73s and reference your RL-in-person convos as QSOs" enjaysauce
  • "... tell your friend there's QSB when a cell phone is cutting out" thebuca
  • "... start giving RST reports over the telephone" AF3LMike
Just obsessed:
  • "... see a radio station / TV tower and wonder how a repeater would work from up there" k4hsm
  • "... are walking in the city and stare at the antennas on the rooftops of the buildings and analyze their type" ttanilsoo
  • "... know 23cm means more than just a really good date." Ben Hallert (via Facebook)
  • "... named your kid Yagi" enjaysauce
Morse code pervades all
  • "... tap out hi on your car horn to another ham" AF3LMike
  • "-.-- --- ..- / - .... .. -. -.- / .. -. / -- --- .-. ... ." gwbrown1
And for the more culinary crowd:
  • "... continually find yourself covered with mustard" strategy_samba
  • "... find yourself between a bit of bread and some cheese" wwward