Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sprankton: A disease you get by chewing too much.

This gibberish has been deleted from the English Wikipedia twelve times since May of 2005. It persistently reappears, and is therefore currently bolted down in its current (uninteresting) state.

It's amazing that people are so persistent in inserting such useless nonsense into Wikipedia. I can understand the people who are aggressively reinserting their business or their garage band or whatever; fame and fortune are obvious motivators. But who stands to benefit from "sprankton" being defined as "a disease you get from chewing too much"?

Well, apparently it's a rather lame flash video. You can't tell this from the lame attempts at an article on Wikipedia, mind you, and there's no reference to it. I'm not going to link to it here; it doesn't need my publicity. But I still find it fascinating that there's some kid out there who is so entranced by this that, a year later, he's still willing to insert this nonsense definition into Wikipedia.