Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wikipedia trialling new editing rules - Computeract!ve

Yet another site gets it wrong about the German revision flagging solution on Wikipedia. "However, these edits won't show up in the live version of the site until a site editor approves the changes." No! Edits will show up in the live version of the site immediately upon being made, same as always. They just won't be the default revision shown to anonymous readers; readers will have to request to see the "draft" revision if they want to.

It's getting really tiresome reading the same misinformation over and over again, despite all efforts to correct the press on this. For as much as the press complains about how notoriously unreliable Wikipedia is, you'd think they'd make more of an effort to check their own facts once in a while before they hit publish -- especially since their sites don't have "edit" buttons, either.

The real facts on the German proposal can be found here. It might be nice if journalists would read it before publishing anything else... not that anyone will listen to me about this.