Thursday, November 11, 2010

NYC Marathon, Conan O'Brian, Zenyatta, and the Dallas Cowboys: Hot topics for November 11, 2010

I haven't posted one of these in a few days because there haven't been any new rising terms, just the same ones as previous days, with some permutations in the order.  But today were have four new ones.

The Dallas Cowboys are presumably up because they recently fired their coach, but also possibly because they forgot to renew their domain name.  Oops.

Conan's up because his new show on TBS premiered on Monday.  Conan has became something of a folk hero, especially on the Internet, after NBC gave him the Tonight Show, then ripped it away from him after their ill-considered experiment of putting Leno in prime time predictably backfired.

Zenyatta, meanwhile, is a horse.  And apparently not just any horse; this horse had a 19-race unbeaten streak before coming in second by a head in the Breeders' Cup Classic on Saturday.  Reportedly she's being sent to pasture to be bred with an "as-yet-undetermined" stallion.  I fully expected Zenyatta to be the name of yet another celebrity musician or performer; her being a horse wasn't high on my expectations.

The fastest rising term for today, though, is for the NYC Marathon.  It seems odd to me that it should be rising so aggressively now that we're now four days out from the actual event (it was run on Sunday), but the seven day averaging window often means that a single-day spike won't show up for several days.  I think marathons are a bit silly (to me running is something you do to get away from bears, not something you do for the sheer sake of it), but to each their own.  In any case, I have to admit being rather impressed with Edison Pena, who managed to finish the marathon (in six hours, a firmly respectable time) only a few weeks after being hauled out of a collapsed mine in Chile.