Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just what is a bureaucrat, anyway?

I've noticed that hits on my blog are up a bit despite not having posted anything in a while. Digging a bit, I see that my blog is getting hit from the request for admin page, which seems odd because I don't know what my blog would have to do with adminship as I haven't had much to say about that lately. And what do I see down near the bottom? My old friend, Riana, is running for bureaucrat. And various articles on my blog have been linked from her request, as some sort of evidence of her disqualifications to be a bureaucrat.

Now wait a minute. What does some nonsense I wrote about Grand Lady Durova have to do with Riana's qualifications to decide on administrative promotions? Apparently a lot, for some people. It seems that some people feel either that she was duped into nominating me somehow, or that nominating me shows some grave defect in character that disqualifies her from being a bureaucrat.

Well, I won't speak to what the character qualifications are to be a bureaucrat. It's well-known that the Wikipedia community has absurd standards for its admins and bureaucrats, and I'm not going to waste time analyzing this election to reach the same conclusion. As to being duped by me: I'm not that smooth an operator. Riana's a smart cookie, far smarter than most of the idiots voting for (and against) her. She knew exactly what the score was when she came to me to suggest a nomination. I didn't ask her to do that; I certainly didn't dupe her into it. If you think she was "trolled", then the person who has been actually trolled is you.

At this point it appears likely that her candidacy will fail, because a handful of people who really really dislike me wish to punish her for supporting me over people like SlimVirgin, Jayjg, and Jossi (all of whom, you will note, have opposed her nomination). You'd think, what with all the harsh language and demonization, that I had eaten Jimbo's baby, or something.

So vote for her, or against her, as it moves you. But if you think her participation in that little bit of political theater from last fall is in the least bit relevant to her qualifications, then you will surely reap the rewards of your vote, whether it be in support or in opposition.