Sunday, December 02, 2007

Open Letter to SlimVirgin

Dear SlimVirgin (no, I won't use your real name; we all know what it is anyway):

I've sent you a couple of private emails previously, but your really quite lunatic rantings on Wikipedia deserve a public reply as well. So, here we go:
  1. I have never tried to out another arbitrator on my blog. In fact, I have never tried to out anyone. This is defamatory, but as you are not a credible person it's not actionable.
  2. As far as I can recall I've never published on my blog any information that came to me directly from someone on the ArbCom that I didn't confirm by another source first. Any information in my blog that you think I got from the ArbCom I actually got from some other source. Wikipedia leaks like a sponge; I sometimes hear the same rumor from three or four sources. (No, I will not identify my sources.) The closest I've come to revealing information from ArbCom was to discuss my own reactions upon rereading an email from a former arbitrator on the ArbCom's lists. I don't believe that discussing my own reactions to an email is the same as revealing the email.
  3. I still haven't seen Durova's screed against !! (nor do I particularly care to; I've seen summaries of it from people who I have no reason to distrust that are more than sufficient to satisfy my curiosity), but I do have a very good idea who leaked it outside your circle of security. That person is not on the Arbitration Committee. There are people close to you who you evidently cannot trust, and those people are not on the Arbitration Committee.
Krimpet is correct: it is time for you to resign. Your paranoia is, here, being brought to bear on the collegial attitude of the Arbitration Committee. I speak from experience: being an Arbitrator is not easy. Your attempt to drive wedges between the Arbitrators by heinously accusing James of being untrustworthy is disgusting. Wikipedia relies on a collegial attitude founded in trust to meet its purpose. Wikipedia relies on having processes that are as transparent as possible. Your nonstop efforts to destroy that fundamental trust, and to build barriers to transparency, are vile and inexcuseable. If you cannot trust your fellow Wikipedians, then you should leave. If you refuse to leave, and persist in this toxic and destructive behavior, then the only reasonable option left to Wikipedia is to expel you for the toxic snake that you are. Enough is enough. Be gone with you. And kindly take what few minions (they are not friends, for those such as you are not capable of having friends) you have left with you.