Thursday, December 20, 2007


So, for all of you who weren't yet convinced that Jayjg and company use email to coordinate their actions, this email (to the WikiEN-l public mailing list) should leave very little doubt.... Jay acknowledges sending the email here. Inquiring minds want to know, Jay: what secret mailing list were you sending that to, and who was on it? Oh, wait. A little bird just tweeted in my ear to tell me that the other people were Avi <>, Pinchas Cohen <>, Beit Or <>, and Humus Sapiens <>. And presumably, one other person, who is right next to "English Wikipedia" on your contact list, eh, Jay?

Anyone with any doubt that Jay is one of a "cabal" of editors who seek to control the content and tone of articles about Judaism needs to put that doubt to rest, now. Wikipedia's articles about Judaism are embarrassingly biased, and Jay's convenient little slip-up is just the smoking gun that proves it.

Jay, I reiterate my call from August: Please leave. When I recently wrote that Wikipedia should "get rid of people who are using Wikipedia as a battleground for their personal wars", you were one of the people I was thinking of.