Friday, October 10, 2008

More Miscellany

More miscellanous tab cleanout.
  • Palin/Fey Trivia Quiz!  I got 60%.
  • Sad Guys on Trading Floors!  (And while we're at it, Garfield Minus Garfield has been good lately too.)
  • I've just been added to HamTwits, a list of hams who use Twitter.  If you fit in this category, contact innismir and ask him to add you too.
  • Google Trends suggests that general internet interest in ham radio has declining year over year since 2004.  The spikes in interest are themselves interesting: there's a big one in 2005 for Katrina, but I've no idea what is responsible for the spikes at the end of 2004 and 2006.
  • In a disturbing turn of events, we recently had an armed robbery in Woodfield, the nation's ninth largest shopping center.
  • Is anyone really surprised that the NSA's listening activities have mainly led to a nice collection of phone sex tapes?
  • For anyone who wants to place bets on the election, FiveThirtyEight is indispensible.  Looks like the odds on an electoral college tie are 1 to 624 at the moment.