Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pet peeve of the day

People who use "kilowatt" as phonetic for "K".  The canon is, of course, "kilo", and whenever I heard someone use "kilowatt" I automatically think "KW" (instead of "K"), which of course is quite bad when trying to copy someone's callsign....

There are plenty of rants about "cutesy phonetics" on the Intarwebs, and while in general I agree with the notion that one should use "conventional phonetics", I don't generally get too torqued over nonstandard ones as long as they're not confusing.  The problem with "kilowatt" is that it's confusing.  And it's just a bad idea to break a convention in a way that is going to be confusing.  Please don't do it; the rest of us will thank you.