Monday, July 09, 2007

Demolition begins!

We officially started demolition on the bedroom today. Here's pictures:


We actually removed the fake fireplace and most of the fake brick ages ago, but the rest of it came down today, along with most of the entire ceiling and the ceiling molding. Some of the paneling has been removed for investigatory purposes; we will probably remove the rest of it, but leave the fiberboard that's behind it as it provides a decent level of insulation.

Here's a picture of what we're going to be replacing with:
In the far back against the wall is the 8 foot long segments of Ponderosa pine that will go on the ceiling. To the right (partially concealed behind the futon) is the quarter-inch cedar paneling that will cover the first four feet of the walls. The long boards on the left (by the chair) are 2x1 pine furring strips. Immediately to the next of that is a 12 foot 4x4 cedar beam, which will span the middle of the ceiling to hide the seam in the ceiling boards. The balance of the wood in the picture is the random length knotty pine.