Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why I missed this month's Woodturners meeting

Chicago Woodturners meets on the second Tuesday of each month. I missed last night's meeting, something which I am not particularily happy about, because a storm knocked a power line down alongside Mannheim Avenue, closing it for about three miles and causing my normal 30 minute commute to take two hours (and leaving me simply exhausted upon arriving home). Mannheim only has one lane open northbound as of this afternoon, which makes my morning commute quite a lot nastier.

To add insult to injury (or is it injury to insult?) the power went out last night, causing me to wake up late (no alarm clock) and stinky (no air conditioner) and stayed out until nearly 1. At least we have a gas hot water heater -- but I suspect dinner is going to be a rather odd potluck as we eat everything that thawed in the freezer. The $3200 it would cost for a whole-house backup generator is looking a lot more reasonable after last night.

Some pictures:
storm007 storm022 storm030

(More at Flickr.)