Monday, July 16, 2007

Is this transparency?

So, there's apparently some interesting happenings down in St. Pete lately, as evidenced by this edit to the Wikimedia Foundation wiki by Wikimedia staffer Cary Bass. Apparently, Carolyn is no longer the chief operating officer of the Wikimedia Foundation. (The position has also been listed as a "job opening".) However, this is the only public evidence for this change; if there's any announcement or statement regarding her departure, I have not been able to find it.

So, either Carolyn resigned or she was let go; in either case there ought to be some public statement from the Foundation on this issue. There isn't. I doubt that the Foundation even plans to release a statement (although now that I've blogged about it, there will probably be a statement of some sort). The fact that staff changes like this (in the absence of an executive director, the chief operating officer is basically the day-to-day head of the organization, so her role is definitely important) are conducted with not even a minimal public statement is certainly not what I would call transparency.