Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wikimedia Board candidates: The Rest

It seems that I've run out of time, as elections has already begun; I will therefore only make brief comments on the remaining five candidates.

Oscar: The single thing I found most interesting about Oscar is that he deliberate chose a photograph that depicts him smoking a cigarette. I'm not going to say much else about Oscar; it continues to amaze me that someone so totally lacking in either the credentials or the competency to serve on a nonprofit board managed to get appointed to one in the first place. Probably will not be reelected, but only because both Yann and Frieda make for better European candidates than he does.

Uninvited Company: I used to think that Steve was a reasonable person, but then he got appointed to the English ArbCom and quickly proved that he is, instead, something of a petty dictator, what with his little campaign against IRC. Given the way he has abused the meager authority of that office, I have little cause to trust him to be more responsible with the slightly greater authority of the office of Wikimedia Trustee. Will probably not be elected, though.

WarX is another Polish candidate running on a "Hi, I'm a European too" platform, but more specifically to represent the "poorer" countries of Eastern Europe. I see his candidacy as very much similar to that of Ausir's: trying to get more influence for Poland. It's certainly my experience that a majority of Eastern European editors are actively pushing nationalist agendas, and while I've never reviewed WarX's editing career I admit that I worry somewhat about putting anyone from this electorate in a position of authority within the Wikimedia sphere.

Yann: Just what Wikimedia needs, another French board member. Yann, at least, brings some credentials to the Board, although I am, myself, uncertain that the credentials actually mean anything. And he certainly looks rather dashing in that contraption that he calls a rickshaw but which rather clearly is not. Yann is a leading favorite to win a seat in the election.

I apologize for not having more meaningful commentary on these candidates, but my employment obligations over the past week have been unusually heavy and I've simply not had time. Hopefully things will be less wild in the weeks to come and I'll have time for more contemplative commentary as the election concludes.