Thursday, October 05, 2006

Anybody spare a cup of R-407C?

After spending most of last night reinstalling Eclipse (which is now working much better), I was hoping to get some work done on today. Such was not to be, though; at 2:19a.m. the Liebert refrigerated cabinets we have at work blew a compressor. We had a combination of a freon leak (hence the cup of R-407C) and a blown device called a "power head" that took six hours to rectify. This dragged me into the office before I could even shower, let alone have breakfast. We didn't fully resolve all issues until 4:55 p.m. So after spending the entire day in crisis mode, I am too blown out to even think about code.

The only consolation is that today is Thursday; that means I only have one more day this week to worry about and then I get a weekend where I hopefully won't have to think about work all that much.