Friday, October 27, 2006


I was looking forward to getting some work done tonight on celeritas (my interim project name for the Java port of MediaWiki), but shortly after dinner I got hit first by an attack of extreme tiredness (which is actually pretty common; I often crash around 6-7 pm) and then after that by a rather nasty headache. I did manage to get a tiny bit of work done, but not much, and the current tangle of code I'm looking at is sufficiently ugly that I doubt I"ll be able to make headway on it while only operating on two cylinders mentally. I might be feeling better later on, once the caffeine and alcohol have had a chance to work (I usually have one cup of coffee with a shot of Bailey's in the evening), but I'm not counting on it.

At least I got to watch two Robot Chickens and part of a Psych (hopefully we'll watch the rest later). Maybe I'll do some reading; I've managed to put a few pages behind me in A Game of Thrones lately.

I've also started doing tagging again, and there should be a daily linkspam post in here later tonight when the autoposting thingy fires. And I'm testing using SEMagic to post to Blogger, just to see if it works.