Saturday, October 21, 2006


I haven't made a lot of progress on the MediaWiki port this week. I blame this mainly on two things. First, Sims 2 Pets came out recently and I have been wasting a lot of time on exploring the new features this expansion pack gives.

Second, I have been perfecting my economic strategy over at Londinivm, which is one of those vaguely silly online MMORPGs that happens to have a somewhat interesting economic model. I think it was Luigi30 on #wikipedia who introduced me to it. Anyway, I've finally got enough of the details of the economic system down to navigate it in a manner that at least most of the players I talk to seem to lack. If you do happen to find your way there, look me up; I'm karynn there (id 19564) (and, yes, my tribe is accepting recruits). And yes, I know, the player image is male; I'm not overly happy about that. Player images there are determined by class, and the only two classes with female pictures are classes that don't fit with my style of play. Grumble, oh well, I don't care that much. :)

I am also starting to think about writing more automated PHP to Java conversion software. There are some sticky wickets that would probably make doing generalized conversions nearly impossible, but I suspect that I can automate 80% of the conversion process without too much effort. Still musing this possibility. If I go that route, I might just start over on the MediaWiki port.