Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Another day with little to show for it... Got called into work early because the cooling system in our server room conked out again; we clearly have a refrigerant leak but we don't know where yet. They left us a bottle of R-407C so that the next time it happens we don't have to wait for them to go back to the shop to get one (the shop is a half hour away from the office, and that means an hour wait for them to get a reload). Now if they'd just leave me a charging manifold... I've watched them do it enough times that I can probably do it myself now, and I know both the total charge and the normal operating head and suction pressures for this unit as well as they do. Anyway, it's fully charged again, this time with a fluorescent dye load so hopefully we'll be able to locate the leak and fix it.

As a result, I missed lunch. When I miss lunch, I usually get headaches. And today was no exception. Came home with a splitting headache, which has not let up much at all. On top of that I am sore from trying to bring order out of the upstairs chaos on Sunday and Monday. I think tonight will be an early night, so no coding for me; what little time I had this evening was spent on the Sims. Maybe tomorrow. At least the last few days up to now have been relatively productive.