Saturday, October 07, 2006

A special comment about lying

Another must-see commentary video from Keith Olbermann.

The question now is not, will the Democrats take the House in November; it is whether the Democrats will take both the House and the Senate. And, if so, just how badly the Republicans will be willing to trash the nation in the lame duck weeks that follow in order to blame the brewing recession not on their own incompetent direction during the past six years, but instead the two years of Democratic leadership that will follow, in order to have some hopes of electing whatever evil pretender-king will be chosen as the Republican nominee come 2008. I have little doubt that Karl Rove and Company are totally willing to completely trash the United States in an attempt to regain control in 2008. "The object of power, is power", after all. Here's hoping that the damage done by the 108th in its upcoming lame duck session can be mitigated early enough in the 109th.