Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can't they do anything right?

It seems that the Foundation made an error when it filed its annual report back in May 2007 when Jimmy stepped down as chairman and was replaced by Florence. For some reason, the paperwork filed with the Florida Secretary of State listed Jimmy as the Executive Chair (EC), a position which would give him final authority over practically all matters related to Foundation affairs. (He should instead have been deleted entirely; the role of "Emeritus Chair" has no legal significance and would not have been reported to the State of Florida.) Because of this error, Florence is legally unable to act with executive authority for the Foundation; only Jimmy has that power.

I sincerely hope that Mike Godwin will be filing the appropriate paperwork to correct this error post haste. I imagine the Secretary of State will allow for this to be filed retroactively; there's no way this could be anything other than a simple clerical error by Wikimedia's obviously inexperienced personnel. This was, after all, filed after Danny and Brad had left, and before Sue came on, so the Foundation was stumbling along with just Carolyn (her signature appears on the bottom of the document, after all) and a handful of office clerical workers and no legal counsel, so a mistake like this is perfectly understandable.

There is, of course, no way that this could have been a deliberate deception by Jimmy to secretly retain power, as our dear friends at Valleywag suggest...