Thursday, March 06, 2008

In case you weren't certain that Wikimedia is a cult...

The following little bits of log (from a channel best left unnamed):

<bastique> and I'm *still* not going to character assassinate him.
<bastique> He's an evil human being

Bastique is, of course, Cary Bass, Wikimedia's "volunteer coordinator" (a.k.a. the guy they pay to chat online). "Him" and "He" in the above refer to Danny.

I'm at a loss as to what "evil human being" is other than character assassination. Maybe Cary will stop in to explain.

Update: Some people have complained about a "lack of context". Fine, here's some more context:

<bastique> ********: I was there when Danny left
<bastique> I know what happened
<bastique> and I'm *still* not going to character assassinate him.
<bastique> I dont' believe in that shit

<bastique> ********: I had good wishes for it, until the last week
<bastique> I actually wished well for Danny
<bastique> i'm sorry I did
<bastique> He's an evil human being

I can't say that the context really helps Cary's case much here.... (Additional clarification: "it" above refers to Veropedia, Danny's competing encyclopedia project.)

Yet another update: Cary is now claiming that I "omitted" the portion of the log in which he "apologizes" to Danny for what he said above. However, nobody I know can find that log. Cary, stop lying. What you said was bad enough. Trying to deny having said it, or claiming that it doesn't count because you yelled "backsies", is just stupid. You are responsible for what you say.