Monday, March 17, 2008

Codes of conduct

Some of you may recall that, some time back, our dear Deputy Leader Erik Möller attempted a bald-faced character assassination of Danny Wool by alleging that we bloggers should adhere to Tim O'Reilly's proposed "blogger code of conduct". I objected to this at the time, and invited Erik to a discussion about that code. Erik, unsurprisingly did not comment.

Today, Geoff Burling has done me the favor (incidentally, I'm sure) of obviating any need on my part to reply further. He's put forth a most eloquent (pun intended) response to Erik's underhanded call, one far more eloquent that I could ever hope for. Do read it.

(I promise, we will return to the article quality evaluations soon. I am somewhat cheered by a report from the field that people are, at least, editing Valentine's Day, although I haven't looked to see if they're improving it....)