Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Für Erik

Ok, I admit that my post about Jimmy's financial status wasn't terribly captivating. I didn't do a good job of making my point, and it was boring and dry. Finance often is. (The fact remains that Jimmy is almost certainly lying about his financial status, although you can conclude that without any extrinsic information simply because he has told conflicting stories to different people.)

But, as to your "blogger's code of conduct": I'll contemplate adopting it when Wikipedia does the same. Unfortunately, Wikipedia's community does a poor job of living up to this code of conduct. For that matter, you personally do a poor job of it. Goose, gander, you know the drill.

I'll be glad to detail how Wikipedia, and you, fail to live up to it. And if you think I fail to live up to it, I'll be glad to explain either how you're wrong, or how I simply disagree with the proposed code of conduct.

The floor is yours.