Friday, March 21, 2008

The cult rolls on

It's interesting how Wikimedia's immune system works. The latest news is that Danny Wool, who of late has done a very interesting job of exposing the Foundation's tender underbelly, has had his access to the "admins-only" IRC channel revoked by James Forrester. James is the same Jimmy-cheerleader who fired me from my role as #wikipedia channel deputy contact back in December without any coherent explanation and despite the fact that nobody (other than White Cat) who actually used the channel was complaining about me. Danny is a widely respected contributor to the English Wikipedia and, of course, an admin. James claims that the removal was "implementing the will of the channel" but really represents a backroom discussion amongst the kool-aid drinkers. He also claimed that Danny "cannot be trusted" because "he leaks info".

The simple fact is that Danny, like myself, has been branded a suppressive person and must be marginalized or eliminated.

I used to like James, but in the past several months he's clearly revealed himself as one of those who have been bamboozled by Jimmy's cultish charm. Sad.

I'd like to remind all Wikipedians that you have the right to fork and the right to leave. It's time to exercise those rights, people. Your community leadership doesn't care about you.