Friday, March 14, 2008

Wikipedia quality: Animation in the United States during the silent era

This article is a special request; it is not on the list of frequently viewed articles at all, scoring only 1308 views in all of February. However, it was brought to my attention as an example of a remarkably sad article.

And so it is. The lead is about something at best tangentially related to the nominal topic of the article, but there is no mention of animation in the lead paragraph at all. After this is a bare list of, I suppose, directors or producers and films they directed or produced (can't tell which), which I presume are animated films. There's an image, the purpose of which is unclear.

The only redeeming graces this article has is that it is written in more or less correct English, and it does not appear to contain any unexpected penises.

Grade: F
Viewed: 45 times a day