Sunday, February 18, 2007

Calling all grups! Wikipedia needs you!

Who here remembers Brian Peppers? Well, apparently the more juvenile element of the Wikipedia community does... Not quite a year ago, Jimbo imposed a one-year moratorium on recreating the article. That moratorium expires February 21st. In anticipation of this event, some of Wikipedia's more juvenile members have been vandalizing February 21 in anticipation of the date when they are hoping to be able to recreate an attack page about their favorite disabled sexual offender.

It wasn't appropriate a year ago, and it's not appropriate now. It's really quite depressing that there are people who are juvenile enough to think that this is appropriate content anywhere, and yet have enough of an attention span to actually remember it and make plans to come back for it a year later. It's either a sad statement on Wikipedia, or a sad statement on humanity generally. I'm not sure which.

Anyway, the real issue here is how many rule-bound processheads will insist on a "full and complete" discussion of this issue, followed by a vote, when there's absolutely no need for any of it. Already I'm seeing people demanding a "due consideration in the proper forum".