Sunday, February 25, 2007

The strange world in which bloggers live

Supposedly, according to some blogger who has drank way too much of the "your blog can make you rich" koolaid, my blog is worth about $6209.

Now, exactly, how does this work? Does this mean that there's some lamer out there willing to pay me $6209 for what's in my blog now? Or does that value estimate include the supposed value of my future postings as well? Or is that what my lifetime ad revenue would be assuming I did everything possible to "monetize" my blog?

The Internet is overrun by crappy blogs being published by people who barely seem to be able to think, let alone say anything coherent; all they do is burp back out content they read somewhere else in the vague hopes that their blog will match on some set of keywords that are supposedly "hot". They also make sure to link to all the "hot" blogs so that maybe they'll get some trackback hits or whatever. All so people will come to their useless, meaningless, say-nothing blog, not to read the content (for there is none) but to click on the flashy little ads, and thereby make the sap who glurged out this socially meritless crap a few cents.

It almost makes me ashamed to have a blog.

Thanks to fellow blogosheep Cyde for bringing this entire silly concept to my attention.