Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where have all the copyeditors gone?

This article, about a zoo in India, may very well have been written by the monkeys in the zoo. Setting aside several glaring grammatical errors ("It the first public zoo in India."), it has no organization at all. Under "Suggested days to visit" (not exactly an encyclopedic heading) we find "The maps provided are inaccurate and misguiding." Well, that might be true, but what does that do with choosing a day to visit. The real gem here, though is this: "The nocturnal house is extremely smelly, almost necrogenic." Necrogenic! I've never encountered that word before, but what a lovely word to describe a zoo! And the "see also" list is filled with all sorts of random topics, most of which are only tangentially connected. I'm especially perplexed by the reference to Heini Hediger, who appears to be about as related to this zoo as would Steve Irwin. What does this German zoologist have to do with this particular zoo?