Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Followup on Wikipedia and copyright

Well, it looks like the Foundation isn't about to accept my proposal. Kat Walsh, speaking as a member of the Board, has posted a longish message to the Foundation-l mailing list which basically reiterates the standing policy regarding nonfree content. Apparently, this has been inspired in no small part by the Hebrew Wikipedia's decision to allow content licensed under "noncommercial use only" licenses (and their threat to ban Danny if he deleted any of it).

There's an astounding amount of very thinly justified nonfree content on Wikipedia. It's been my impression that, in general, the situation has been improving over the past year or so, but I haven't been watching as closely lately as I used to. It worries me when the Board has to make a formal proclamation like this simply to reiterate standing policy. And the proposal falls well short of what I would have liked, but I suppose I can't really expect all of my radical ideas to set root right way, eh?