Friday, February 23, 2007

Webcomics and Wikipedia

You know, I've long been sympathetic to the plight of webcomics on Wikipedia; I think they get short shrift and are ill-treated by the deletionistas. So when I saw the most recent installment of PartiallyClips, I was most amused. Now, normally, I don't read the comments on the webcomics I read; I really don't get involved in the fanboying around webcomic authors. This time, I did. And, boy, did I regret it.

If all webcomic authors are as rudely opinionated as Rob Balder, it's small wonder that they have bad blood with the Wikipedians. The way in which he treated Kat (especially toward the end of the "discussion") was just outrageous. I have to admit, Christopher Wright took the attack on his personal notability a lot better than did Balder.

So, while it is definitely important for Wikipedians to remember that the people they're writing about are people and have feelings and deserve respect, I'd like to remind people who find themselves written about on Wikipedia -- or, for that matter, find that Wikipedia would prefer not to write about them -- that Wikipedians are also people and have feelings and deserve respect.